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Print New FamilySearch data straight from the web.

You will need two things to order Generation Maps charts from the data in New FamilySearch.

1) a Username and password to New FamilySearch, and
2) the ID number for the person you want the chart to start with.

How do I order a chart with New Family Search data?

Just go through our website and choose a chart, enter the User ID for the person you want the chart to start with and proceed to checkout. After ordering the chart, instead of uploading a genealogy data file, you'll simply log into New FamilySearch using your regular name and password on our upload files page. We'll take the information we need and complete your order.

How long will it take to download my information from New FamilySearch?

Depending on your computer speed, your Internet connection, and the type of chart you have chosen, downloading could take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour or longer.
With the next New FamilySearch update (hopefully May 2008) we expect the speed to improve dramatically.

Which Generation Maps charts can be printed from New FamilySearch data?

Any genealogy chart on our website can be ordered with New FamilySearch data.

What New FamilySearch data will show on my chart?

For most of our charts, what you seen on the screen at the FamilySearch website is what will print on your chart. On our Contributor Comparison chart, every bit of data attached to the person will print on the chart so that you peruse all the data to further your research. On any decorative chart, we will send you a website link to be able to preview your chart and make any corrections necessary.

Can I order a chart for a person I'm not related to?

Because your log in to New FamilySearch only gives you access to people you are related to, you can only order charts for people in your own family. We can only print charts for the people you can access through your login to New FamilySearch.

Other Questions? Send us an e-mail at, or call us at (801)836-6748.
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